Friday, May 3, 2013

How loud is your iPod?

In the era of smart phones and wireless technology, we are increasingly putting headphones in our ears to listen to music and other media. How do you know when the music you are listening to through your headphones is too loud?

One way to test to ensure that your device is not set too loud is to hold the headphones at arm's length away, if you can hear the music it is too loud. If you have a  friend or family member sitting next to you, you could ask them if they can hear the music, if the answer is yes, the music is to loud. These are some quick and easy strategies to ensure that your hearing is protected even while enjoying your favorite band. Some smart phones come with applications that monitor the decibel level of the music you are listening to, if you have this application aim to keep the music level below 80 decibels. We often forget how easy it can be to damage our hearing while doing something as simple as using an iPod or smart phone, however, over time this can have a signifiant impact on hearing health. Next time you are streaming music from your phone or iPod, try one of the simple tests discussed above and you may be surprised as to how much the volume needs to be reduced in order to be at safe listening levels.

Source: Google images

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