Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hearing Health

We are advised to schedule annual physicals, vision exams, dental exams and the list goes on, but why aren't we advised to have our hearing evaluated on a consistent basis?

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Hearing tends to be the forgotten exam of health care, but it is an important step to take towards ensuring that all aspects of your health are being evaluated. We tend to pay attention to hearing only when it becomes a problem, but early intervention can be key to reducing the impact that hearing problems can have over the course of a lifetime. Our hearing can be greatly impacted by many health conditions such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease; monitoring hearing levels can provide insight into other potential health conditions that may not have been identified. Scheduling a hearing exam to establish a baseline measurement of your hearing is the first step, if your hearing is normal returning for an exam every 2-3 years may be good starting point. For those with an established hearing problem, it would be recommended to have an exam every year or follow the recommendations of your audiologist. Early identification and management of hearing problems should be a priority by making hearing exams a regular part of routine health check-ups.

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