Saturday, December 22, 2012

Please help us improve the lives of hearing impaired kids!

Each year in Washington state approximately 200-250 babies are born with hearing loss. For those born with permanent hearing loss in our state, approximately 90-95% of them could benefit form the use of hearing aids.

Image: Siemens Hearing Instruments
Unfortunately for many Washington families, the vast majority of private insurance plans specifically exclude hearing aids from being covered. Working families in Washington are left scrambling to pay for these devices for their children (which on average cost $2000/ear or more) and many are forced to decide whether they have to utilize state Medicaid benefits in order to afford them due to the high cost and need for replacement every 3 to 5 years.

Children with hearing loss who do not receive early intervention cost schools (taxpayers) an additional $420,000 on average in special education costs alone. Yet, requiring private insurance plans to provide some degree of hearing aid coverage often costs less than a dollar per year. 

We need your help to ensure Washington becomes the 21st state to require health benefit plans to provide some form of hearing aid coverage for children. Here's a few ways you can help:

1) Sign our online petition.

2) Write your state legislator(s). A simple letter or brief email can make a huge impact upon our decision-makers in Olympia. A sample letter can be found here.

3) Like our Facebook page. Follow us on Twitter @WCHAA1.

Your support of Washington's hearing impaired children is truly appreciated!

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