Friday, December 14, 2012

What our supporters are saying

The people that support our efforts can be found across the state and come from all walks of life. Here's just a few of the comments we've received:

"This is a great cause for children born with hearing problems. When not detected early and treated, a child develops special needs when they can not hear or speak. It is unfair to the child if the parents cannot afford proper care."
-Heather, from St John

"As a pediatric nurse, I experience first hand the pain and suffering children who have hearing loss, experience."
-Michele, from Wenatchee

"I was 8 when I was diagnosed with bilateral severe hearing loss. My single mother of 3 could not afford hearing aids. I was thirtysomething when I got my first pair. What a different life I would have had if I received help early. Please support our kids, they are more than worth it! "
-Kimberly from Poulsbo

"Hearing Aid coverage for children is as necessary as any other medicine or piece of medical equipment!"
-Jenae, from Rochester

"I would not have been able to work and support myself without the education I received. Learning in school is done by hearing. If you take this away from a child, your are removing their potential to learn because they cannot hear. Families with children do not have the money and may need help financially."
-Paula, from Seattle

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