Monday, October 7, 2013

Washington Hearing Organizations Warn Consumers

Press Release from 9/27/13:

The Washington State Academy of Audiology (WSAA), Washington Speech-Language Hearing Association (WSLHA), Washington Hearing Society (WHS) and the Northwest Academy of Otolaryngology (NWAO) have joined forces to help inform Washington consumers on the importance of seeking professional hearing care.

Growing concern over the unlicensed sale of hearing aids over the counter or through the mail, often without warning consumers, has prompted Washington's hearing health organizations to issue the public statement.
Unlike personal amplifiers, which are not intended to treat hearing loss, hearing aids are medical devices and are therefore subject to state and federal regulations in order to protect consumers. Washington, like most states, requires that hearing aids be evaluated and fit by a licensed professional. Professionals licensed to dispense hearing aids include: Audiologists, Hearing Instrument Specialists and Otolaryngologists (ENT physicians).

All four Washington hearing-health organizations hold serious health and safety concerns about the sale of hearing aids without examination and guidance by licensed professionals. They strongly encourage the estimated 700,000 people with hearing loss in the state of Washington and their families, to seek the advice of a state licensed professional, to ensure they are receiving the most appropriate care.

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